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is vital for every eCommerce business and offers the best Return-On-Invest

Best price–performance ratio

1 invested euro generates 40 Euro based on Direct Marketing Association

Highly effective

Personalized interaction with your target group creates highly effective mailings. One-To-One Marketing – the individual interaction with a single recipient with unique content is our mission

Exact measurability

Results of email marketing can be measured exactly. Besides technical key performance indicators like open- and click rate, you can measure precisely your generated revenue.

Fast results

The results of your newsletter can be verified shortly after your send out. It is a unique characteristic of email-marketing to generate faster additional revenues.

Starter Package Email-Marketing

Leverage your email-marketing with our experts. We create all prerequisites for professional email-marketing. We support you with all aspects like legal aspects especially DSGVO, technology and marketing to foster your success. The package includes:

Technical setup of your account

Import your
mailing list

Configure sub-domains for email


Individual email template based on your CI/CD

Newsletter registration including double opt-in

Get started quickly with your newsletter. Now instead of 2.396, only 998 Euro.

Newsletter Marketing

Outsource your email-marketing to our team. We will professionally execute all your email campaigns. We jointly plan all email campaigns. All tasks like conception, content, sendout and reporting are done by our experts. Lean back, relax and enjoy best results.

Book now campaign for 399 Euro


Sell more with the optimal email templates. The email template is Key to success in email-marketing. We design and implement strong-selling email templates for you. Use our experiences of thousands of campaigns. We will give you advice on how to present optimally your product and service.

Sell more for 499 Euro

Dynamic email template

Maximize your profits with highly personalized email templates. Personalization means more than the correct salutation of your contacts. Use your opportunity to present your recipient personalized content tailored exactly on his/her personal interests. Take into account user behavior, personal hobbies and purchasing history to find the optimal content. Integrate data and content from your Content Management System (CMS) or Online Shop.

Maximise profits starting at 1.584 Euro