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Integrate Mail-In-One in your business

and increase effectivity and efficiency

Mail-In-One is an open and easy-to-integrate email-marketing and marketing automation solution. Predefined integrations to leading Content Management Systems, eCommerce solutions, CRM Systems and Web-Analytics-Tools save time and money.


Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal or Typo3 make it easy to add or update content on webpages. Standard technologies like XML, RSS foster easy and fast exchange of content and data. Create content only once in your CMS and use it in your newsletters. Implement your newsletter registration form without programming by using predefined plugins without programming. Synchronize your contact data in your CMS automatically to Mail-In-One.

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All leading online shops are relying on the power of email-marketing. Our predefined integrations to eCommerce Systems like WooCommerce, Shopware, Magento or plentymarkets enable the power of email-marketing for your business. Synchronise your customer-, transaction-, product-data and content of your online shop to Mail-In-One. Use your data and content to make your email-marketing more targeted and successful.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) bundles all customer-related data and processes. CRM thus creates a 360-degree view of the customer. We make this data usable for your e-mail marketing. Our ready-made interfaces allow the synchronization of (customer) data. Communication by e-mail via Mail-In-One is automatically documented as an activity in CRM.

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Web Analytical Tools like Google Analytics or Piwik analyse the user interaction of your visitors with your website. These tools are essential to optimize your website. They are providing important answers: How often content is watched? How long a user stays on a website? You can measure your sales or download of documents. Integrate your email-marketing with your Web Analytical Tool, measure directly traffic, sales and the conversion rate of your emails. Other Web Analytical Tools can de-integrate using parametrised URLs.

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Open Platform

Email-Marketing and Marketing Automation are more effective integrated with other business applications. A better understanding of your customer and his context help to send better emails. That is why Mail-In-One is an open platform. We offer powerful API to integrate with other applications. Modern technology like REST or Web Hooks speed up integration and reduce costs.

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